Turkish Kebab Power Projesi

Turkish Kebap Powered Project

Its a project next 2 years about bolting and climbing trip in Turkey. You can have a look at the photo / online version of catalog below.
I'm very motivated for this project and super excited.

What's in this project?

Target 1:

Idea of project is developing the new climbing areas in Turkey.

Create nice idea for next generations, motivated the people for climbing dream.

Set up new climbing areas.

Develop more unknown climbing spot in Turkey ( which has more than 150 routes already. )

Create a team for bolting ( international route setter, climbers and locals. )

Drill like hell and make a lot of climbing routes in many areas.

Invite another climbers to come and join us.

Target 2:

Share the project in social media.

Writing the article in the 10 different countries climbing magazines about the new areas.

Share the story from online climbing pages.

Make a good quality movie of area with professional crew,

Publish the guide book,

Make a climbing festival,

Show the movie in Mountain Film Festivals.

Writing a blog and communication with people.

Plan of project;

For each area meeting for 2 weeks.

Bolting + climbing and making movie and photo shooting.

Second meeting in July Aladağlar,

Third meeting October in Olympos,

Fourth meeting November in Adana.

And another areas...

Project needs;

We are looking for motivated people to join us.

We need the money for the production.

First movie explain idea of project and show something about it.

( Documentary, bio, life style, climbing, idea about project 

We need money for editing and another movies.

Thanks again and all my best

Turkish Kebap Power

Mümin Karabas




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